(The following are non-paid testimonials)

"I am amazed at the perfection and yet the natural appearance of the work you have done. I had nothing but a pleasant experience from start to finish. I appreciate the information that was readily available and the honesty about the procedure. I feel that great care was taken in each part of the cosmetic decision I was allowed to make. I would, and do, highly recommend you and your wonderful office/nursing staff in any situation! Thank you again for your care and patience with such a personal decision. I also want to assure you that in the future, when my eyes start to sag, I'll be seeing you again! I have great trust and confidence in your work."
~ A. M.

"My experience in the four months of 1999 was somewhat unexpected, yet Dr. Coffey and his wonderful staff made my situation less difficult. I underwent breast reconstruction with saline implants. Dr. Coffey always made me feel comfortable and always answered any of my questions with truth and accuracy. Dr. Coffey's incredible staff was so concerned and helpful. With Dr. Coffey's genuine compassion and extreme knowledge in his field of medicine, it made my situation as pleasant as possible."
~ L. W.

"After two children and breast feeding, I decided a breast augmentation and tummy tuck might be the answer to my "sagging" problems! I was already a "C" cup, so I guess this contributed to my need for a breast lift as well. I wasn't expecting that, but Dr. Coffey put me at ease in my decision to do it! I was so comfortable with Dr. Coffey and his nurses, they were so down to earth, caring and helpful. I would recommend these procedures to anyone considering them, as they have really changed my life and helped me feel better about myself. Of course, my husband loves it too! You don't even have to think twice about Dr. Coffey and his staff to take care of you, they are the BEST! Loving my new 'body by Coffey'!"
~ S. B.

"I had surgery for a complete facelift a year ago. I can honestly say that other than the normal swelling, I had very little pain. The results have been excellent! I no longer have bags under my eyes, droopy eyelids, or sagging neck. I have received many compliments on my appearance, and my hairdresser tells me that there is an absence of suture marks, and that he has never seen better results. My surgeon, Dr. Coffey, and his staff gave me the BEST POSSIBLE professional care."
~ J. Medlock

" I wanted to take the time to say thank you for the excellent care I received in your clinic last Wednesday for my out patient surgery. Your facility is top notch and very professional. Everyone was great and I especially like the country music in the operating room. My daughter sings C&W so I was right at home. You have been great and I appreciate the excellent care."
~ P. S.